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Family-friendly housing estate in the city of future


On the edge of Kecskemét’s downtown, on Izsáki road- the area of the previous Erzsébet barrack- a new housing estate is being built. In Erzsébet housing estate- the name salutes to Queen Erzsébet similarly to our tarnished predecessor. The buildings featuring monuments will be redecorated, moreover, beside these new, four-storey residental buildings will be erected in harmonising style. Works have already been started and according to the plans residents can move to the new flats of the first tact at the end of 2017.


About Erzsébet barrack

Ont he left side of Izsáki road, opposite the previous Rudolf barrack the Erzsébet barrack was erected in the beginning of the 20th century named to salute Queen Erzsébet. The blueprints of the barrack was created at the end of 1902, the buildings stood in 1905 and soon it became owned by the military riding. After the first world war, in 1924 it turned to be the home of Royal Hungarian Defence and Public order Hospital of Kecskemét then one year later it was made to civil hospital. In spring of 1945 Erzsébet barrack got also involved in the wave of name-changing so later on in official documents it could be detected in name of Petőfi barrack. One year later the tiborc student hostel moved here, afterwards from the 50's Soviets owned it who camped a signalling battalion in the area of the barrack. The estate was left by the Soviets in 1989 and the empty territory was the property of HM first, then in April, 1990 it became Kecskemét’s own.



Erzsébet housing estate is being built ont he edge of Kecskemét’s current centre - with few minutes walk the well - known main square and the newly released waterpark can also be reached- between Szil-coop department store and Sheraton, being ont the centre side of the so called western citygate. In it’s very surrounding the investment of the recent estabilished Pallasz Athéné University has already begun: on some 30 thousand square meter educational, directory, administratory buildings, a library, a student hostel and a cultural centre will be built - among which pedestrian flyovers will provide crossing - by September, 2017. Opposite the housing estate ont the area of the old swimming pool a new multifunctional sports centre will be developed by June, 2017 with the contribution of Mercedes Benz- factory Basketball Academy. Also nearby, on the other side of the Izsáki road - soon becoming four - lane – on the area of the previous Rudolf barrack a family leisure centre is going to be built where restaurants, cafés, sport courts, recreational institutions and promenades will be waiting for the people to entertain or relax. This way Erzsébet housing estate will be the part of the new and modern centre of Kecskemét while building the city of future.


The flat- offer of the housing estate

The Erzsébet housing estate’s new flats are with special creation: They stand on four corners which means their ground floor will not be built fully. This solution gives clear visibility between the buildings that raises the comfortability of people living there. The flat-offer of the project ranges wide, from the 27 square meter on-room flat to the 115 square metre four-room flat you can choose. The four - storey buildings - according to monument protection - show tightening form: the third floor is smaller in size than the first two ones. On the fourth floor there are only eight exlusive, penthouse flats with relatively big terraces. In all blocks - exactly in corners - four elavators operate so depending on floors one elevator alone provides access to two or four flats per floor. To the flats either paved car parking places or underground garage parking can be bought.


Family-friendly housing estate

The flats of Erzsébet housing estate - whose designer is dr. Paulina András, a qualified architecture and university teacher - mostly for youngs and families can serve as homes. The building chain forms a close unit and the spectaular forged fence between white rock dusted columns gives security to the residents. The gardening solutions are also created by the requirements of youngs: the whole area is park style with a playground waiting for little children, furthermore, the roads inside will be given nice lighting.


The housing estate in the city of future

Nowadays Kecskemét is one of Hungary’s most dinamically developing cities. In recent years Mercedes Benz- factory was built here - what is more, the German concern is now building a new factory from one billion euros - the AXON, the BOSAL, the Freudenberg, the Knorr- Bremse, the Phoenix- Mecano and the Univer invested more billions to development. But not only industrial investment were made, lately the House of Collections and Hírös Város turist center were also introduced. Overall infrastructrual development was also started: the northern bypass has already been ready, new roads are being made in 45 streets and the nearby plans are to establish intermodal crossing in the region of railway station, while the preparation of the military airport’s civil use has also begun. These enormous developments influences the direct surroundings of Erszébet housing estate. The most significant invetment of Kecskemét’s history will take place from the buildings only 200-250 metre far, namely the university’s hostel. The institution beging ready by the summer, 2016 will operate with more than ten thousands students by 2020 - in the neighbourhood of the university a family sports and leisure centre will be made - so the housing estate will actually be the part of a new university quarter. The chain estate’s infrastructure will also improve: the Izsáki road will be expanded by two more lanes in few years this way the approach to the M5 motorway will be reduced by few minutes.


Why to choose?

  • It’s situation is perfect: a few minutes walk from the city centre, directly neighbouring the university quarter being built now, nearby M5 motorway.
  • It provides special living place: loosely built area, fitting to monument type buildings still modern homes.
  • Family-friendly creation: the closed housing estate was designed by the expected requirements of youngsters and families.
  • Also possible to invest in: while it is the country’s most intensively developing city, there will supposed to be higher needs for flats in next yers.
  • Trust for builders: Erzsébet housing estate is made by the newest investment of a solid and thrifty local patriot cooperation owning remarkable references besides thinking long-term.